IFAGG President's letter


Dear colleagues and friends!

For several days now, just like you, I have been experiencing the war with pain! Scary!!!

War means irreparable losses, death, horror, broken lives and grave consequences! I want to support all of you, as I did during the pandemic on my Instagram!

IFAGG is sports public organization! The core of our teams are children! Sport should be out of politics, as it was conceived by those who created the Olympic Games!

I kindly ask you to save our little world called IFAGG. Keeping friendship, tolerance, respect, kindness and love for children in it! Children in no country should be responsible and pay for the actions of adults! Please save all our AGG children. We all condemn war!

My daughter is Ukrainian and has a Ukrainian surname, the heart of my family is torn to pieces.

I am with you with everyone who suffers, is afraid, does not understand, gets angry and doubts. I will do everything to make our Federation work normally, and in this I need your help. Please support our athletes, take care of the principles of neutrality in sports, continue to study, take exams, participate in competitions!

Yours faithfully,

Liliya Morozova,
IFAGG President

AGG is art, expression and feelings combined into a high level competitive sport.
The first AGG World Championship was held in Helsinki (Finland) in 2000. The first World Champion became the team "Campuksen Koonto" (Finland).
Team "Madonna" (Russia) - The World Champion in AGG in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2018, 2019.


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