The IFAGG President's decision in the current situation


Dear colleagues and friends!

Thank you for your letters to the office and personal appeals!

You who supported me more than the number of votes I received on GA, you filled my broken heart with your attention and kindness. I have a multinational family and I have worked in different countries, so I don't divide people according to nationality. When a person writes to me leave because you are Russian, I understand in what kind of trouble we are in our world.

I understand those who rudely and harshly write insults against me, they have always had this personal dislike for the Russians and now everyone sees it. It is terrible to look at what is happening now between the Ukrainian and Russian people, and not a single inhabitant of Europe can understand it the way we do. Many Residents of Russia and Ukraine are doing everything to stop this, even if the Lord from Estonia does not think that they are doing it. But many also use the grief of our fraternal peoples for personal gain.

I believe that politicians and diplomats will end the suffering of ordinary people, but of course the consequences will not be long in coming. And it will be hard! And it will take a long time until hatred leaves the wounded hearts of people and goodness begins to warm our world.

In this tragic situation, it pains me to see how you clash within IFAGG. This Federation is very dear to me and has nothing to do with my personal interests. To help many of you, take the pressure off yourselves and save your feelings, save IFAGG children from the inhuman acts of adults in sports. And also because I can't be active on the move.

I am delegating my official powers to Vice President Elena Dukova and Vice President Annely Riga for 6 months. They will share my duties among themselves, and the entire Council will continue to work on the implementation of our big plans.

I know that many of you don't want this, but please don't think that I got scared under the onslaught of insults and left you. No! And believe in the most important thing, I understand the feelings of all of you! During this period I will stay with AGG and as a volunteer I can help you with my knowledge, so please reach out if you need it. Take care of yourself, our athletes and their hearts. Please don't hurt each other.

PS. The basis of the sports movement is not the officials or leaders. The basis of the sport are the athletes. To all those who do not want peace and neutrality in sports, I propose to remove paragraph 6 from the attached important document, because it no longer works.

Yours faithfully,
Liliya Morozova,
IFAGG President

   Olympic Charter (26 KB)

EUSA student competitions are held in the student category: gymnasts 17 years and older (maximum 25 years).
The first AGG World Championship was held in Helsinki (Finland) in 2000. The first World Champion became the team "Campuksen Koonto" (Finland).
Team "Minetit" (Finland) - The World Champion in AGG in 2015, 2017, 2021.


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