Seminar for judges and coaches in Belgrade (Sopot), Serbia


Within the framework of the IFAGG development project, the Serbian Federation of Aesthetic Group Gymnastics organized a seminar for judges and coaches in Belgrade (Sopot), Serbia, from March 9th to 11th 2023.

Twenty participants of the judges-coaching seminar organized by SFAGG, held under the patronage of IFAGG, are satisfied with the acquired knowledge, information, and quality of the lectures of instructor Victoria Moiseeva. Participants were given an SFAGG certificate for the attended seminar.

“I am really satisfied with how the seminar went; the working conditions are excellent, the facility itself, the Educational Center "Sopot Hill" and the whole concept in it provides everything so that both listeners and lecturers can concentrate on their work. I am happy that I had the honor to be a lecturer in front of IFAGG and to be among the first to convey information and knowledge about aesthetic group gymnastics to those interested in Serbia. We worked very well, everything went smoothly, the discussions in the theoretical part were very lively, interactive, and constructive, and the children showed their potential in the practical part. Everything is going as it should. I wish everyone good luck and success in their future work” - said lecturer Victoria Moiseeva at the cocktail party prepared for the participants of the seminar and guests of SFAGG, at the ceremony that marked the official start-up of SFAGG.

On the same occasion, the President of SFAGG, Darija Mitrović, presenting the work done so far on the development of AGG in Serbia and plans for the future, pointed out that all participants of the seminar, with a desire to bring aesthetic group gymnastics as close as possible, were provided with a professional translation of all the rules and regulations of IFAGG in Serbian language. “Very few countries, even those that have advanced far in this sport, have provided their members a complete translation of all documentation into the national language” - points out the President of SFAGG, Darija Mitrović, believing that this will also help many people in the region to become interested in the development of AGG in their countries.

After the judges-coaching seminar, and within the framework of the approved activities of the IFAGG development program, the instructor Viktoria Moiseeva worked together with the coaches on composing and rehearsing a routine for the Serbian junior AGG team, which we expect to appear in several competitions this season that are in the official IFAGG calendar for 2023.

SFAGG has taken the first big step to make sports public, interested in AGG as a special kind of sport. There are a lot of sports workers, and clubs who are eager for knowledge and new experiences and willing to develop in that direction.

The IFAGG is a non-profit international federation, and it has been properly and legally registered as such. Its mission and purpose are strictly to advance the sport of aesthetic group gymnastics. IFAGG is the supreme authority on all matters relating to International Aesthetic Group Gymnastics.
International Federation of Aesthetic Group Gymnastics, IFAGG, was established on 12 October 2003 and is the recognized world governing body of aesthetic group gymnastics (AGG).
Team "Campuksen Koonto" (Finland) - The first World Champion in AGG in 2000.


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