Thanks to the AGG Asia committee


Dear ladies and gentleman,

I express my gratitude to the AGG Asia committee for the active and professional work in the development of our sport. Educational courses in Malaysia, a master class in Korea and international competitions in Kyrgyzstan and Korea took a large number of participants and were held at a high level.

I am sure that the representatives of Asia in IFAGG will continue to please us with their success and continue to develop and promote AGG.

I want to remind you that in 2023 we will have more competitions and master classes on the Asian continent, as well as the main IFAGG event - the World Championship, which will be held in Kazakhstan.

Thank the leaders of the federations, IFAGG members, holding sports events in aesthetic group gymnastics in Asia.

We invite everyone to join the friendly AGG family.

IFAGG President Liliya Morozova

IFAGG has decided to extend the number of finalist teams in World Cup and Challenge Cup competitions. Based on ranking after preliminaries, 12 best teams will qualify for finals, but maximum two (2) teams from the same country.
The first AGG World Championship was held in Helsinki (Finland) in 2000. The first World Champion became the team "Campuksen Koonto" (Finland).
Team "Minetit" (Finland) - The World Champion in AGG in 2015, 2017, 2021.


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