The best of the best!


The best of the best!

The main activity of any sport is Competitions. The main participants are athletes and coaches! Aesthetic group gymnastics was lucky with the coaches.

They are not only professionals with their own seniors teams, but also teachers for everyone who wants to gain knowledge! The best of the best this year help and teach everyone!

— Coach of the AGG World champion team - 2022 “National team of Bulgaria” – Kristina Tasheva.
— Coach of the multiple AGG World champion team “Madonna” Sania Glyzina.
— Coach of the multiple winners of the AGG World cups and the World champion - 2021 – team “Minetit” – Titta Heikkila.

I want to thank the Bulgarian Federation of Aesthetic Group Gymnastics and personally Marietta Dukova and Elena Dukova for this opportunity and the conditions provided. As well as the French sports organization AFCGE and Leyla Timofeeva personally.

IFAGG President Liliya Morozova

EUSA student competitions are held in the student category: gymnasts 17 years and older (maximum 25 years).
The first World Championships in Aesthetic Group Gymnastics were held in 2000 in Helsinki (Finland).
Team "Fotonit/OVO" (Finland) - The World Champion in AGG in 2010.


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