IFAGG membership

IFAGG recognises three categories of members: A-, B- and C-members


Registered organisation which represents at least 5 Aesthetic Group Gymnastics clubs may be admitted as an A-member.
Only one A-member from the same country.
5 votes in General Assembly.
5 representatives in General Assembly.
The right to participate in IFAGG events.


Registered organisation which represents only one Aesthetic Group Gymnastics club may be admitted as a B-member.
Several B-members can be admitted from the same country.
B-member cannot be a member of an A-member of IFAGG.
1 vote in General Assembly.
1 representative in General Assembly.
The right to participate in IFAGG events.


Registered organisation that is in early stage of development.
Only possible for those countries that have no A -or B-members of IFAGG.
The right to participate IFAGG events other than World Championships and World Cup.
The right to send non-voting representatives to General Assembly.
The IFAGG is a non-profit international federation, and it has been properly and legally registered as such. Its mission and purpose are strictly to advance the sport of aesthetic group gymnastics. IFAGG is the supreme authority on all matters relating to International Aesthetic Group Gymnastics.
The first World Championships in Aesthetic Group Gymnastics were held in 2000 in Helsinki (Finland).
Team "GC Piruett" (Estonia) - The World Champion in AGG in 2001.


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