Competition category description for year 2024

12 | Juniors (mixed teams), free program

IFAGG category ID


Gender type
mixed teams

free program

Min age
14 (born 2010)

Max age
16 (born 2008)

Exception for age limits
Maximum two (2) members of group may be one (1) year younger or (1) year older than the minimum or maximum given age.

Group limits
Group consists of 6–15 nominated gymnasts during the season 2024. Reserve gymnasts belong to the group. For every specific competition the group can use 6–10 gymnasts on the competition carpet from 15 nominated gymnasts. Nomination to each competition (preliminaries and/or finals) must be done among nominated gymnasts. If you nominate 15 gymnasts for the first competition – you have used all your nominations for season 2024. If you nominate less than 15 gymnasts for the first competition you may complete your group until 15 gymnasts (names).

IFAGG has decided to extend the number of finalist teams in World Cup and Challenge Cup competitions. Based on ranking after preliminaries, 12 best teams will qualify for finals, but maximum two (2) teams from the same country.
International Federation of Aesthetic Group Gymnastics, IFAGG, was established on 12 October 2003 and is the recognized world governing body of aesthetic group gymnastics (AGG).
Team "GC Piruett" (Estonia) - The World Champion in AGG in 2001.


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