Nomination of gymnasts

During competition season 2021 (starting 1.1.2021 until 31.12.2021), team can nominate maximum 15 gymnasts to the team.

Team consists of 6-15 nominated gymnasts during the season 2021. Reserve gymnast belongs to the team. For every specific competition the team can use 6-10 gymnasts on the competition carpet from 15 nominated gymnasts. Nomination to each competition (preliminaries and/or finals) must be done among nominated gymnasts. If you nominate 15 gymnasts for the first competition - you have used all your nominations for season 2021. If you nominate less than 15 gymnasts for the first competition you may complete your team until 15 gymnasts (names).

Change of team

Gymnasts can change team one (1) time during the season 2021 according age limits. This change can be made only after first part of competition season. This means that i.e. if gymnast is born 2005 and competing in junior team in Challenge Cup I and / or II, in second part of competition season it is possible to her / him change team for other junior team or other senior team. Other example; if gymnasts in senior team have competed first part of season in one team, the second part of year the gymnasts can change the team for new one (e.g. first part of year gymnast in sen. mixed team and second part of year in women team).

IFAGG member is always responsible to inform IFAGG office concerning all gymnasts' changes of team. Administration fee concerning change of the team is 10 EUR per gymnast. If the change is from junior team for senior team, also difference of gymnast license must be paid.

For example senior gymnasts has license 25 EUR for season 2021 and she / he changes the team for another senior team, the administration payment will be 10 EUR. The junior gymnast have junior license 15 EUR for season 2021 and change the team for another junior team, the administration fee will be 10 EUR. In case junior gymnast with junior license (15 EUR) change for the senior team she/he will pay the difference between junior and senior license 10 EUR + administration fee concerning team change 10 EUR.

How to make changes

Regarding team / license changes, please contact IFAGG office ( By request, the office will send a list of all registered gymnasts (per country) to the official member representative. You can make all team and / or license changes into that excel sheet in red color and the office will make the corrections into the register system and send the invoice.
The General Assembly meets annually during the AGG World Championships.
International Federation of Aesthetic Group Gymnastics, IFAGG, was established on 12 October 2003 and is the recognized world governing body of aesthetic group gymnastics (AGG).
Team "Campuksen Koonto" (Finland) - The first World Champion in AGG in 2000.


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